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What should be paid attention to when choosing Auditorium chair?

What should be paid attention to when choosing Auditorium chair?

What should be paid attention to when choosing Auditorium chair?


The parameters of the Auditorium chair need to be confirmed, because the parameters not only affect the price, but also affect the comfort of the seat. Let's take a look at the points that need to be paid attention to when choosing.
1. The basic parameters of the seat
A normal Auditorium chair needs to be set according to the height of an adult. Generally, the height is about 450-500MM, and the height of the armrest is higher than the seat position by more than 120MM. At the same time, the height of the back of the chair should be taken into account. All need to be about one meter. The depth of the seat needs to take into account the comfort of the foundation. Some sofa seats may be deeper, while the overall depth of the ordinary seat can be kept at about 500mm.

2. The size of the town seat
Auditorium chair parameters must pay attention to the overall town seat size, so as to ensure good comfort. Beam chairs are generally double-acting, three-seat, or multiple-acting types. Its size is different, the support point will also have a certain difference. Therefore, it is still necessary to pay special attention to the specific size of the row seats, and it is still very important to maintain a certain width.
3. Space for front and rear seats
After all, the seats we design and install are different, and the auditorium area has certain differences. Therefore, we must consider the front and rear seat space, and there must be a certain interval. We can't ignore the parameters of the Auditorium chair. We need to make a design first, determine the specific positions of the different seats, and then go to the seat purchase.


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