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After-sale Service

After-sale Service

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Dear Customer: 
After-sales service is responsible for the after-sales service department of our company, keeps hotline with the owner, carries out product quality tracking, responds to the technical service demand put forward by the owner at any time, provides technical support, and quickly provides spare parts for the equipment to provide users with timely, rapid and high-quality products. After sales service. The following are the details of our company's after-sales service:
Validity period 
1. The normal service life of the product is 10 years (except for damage caused by man-made damage and non-company quality), and the product realizes lifelong service.
2. After the product is sold and installed, the first quality return visit will be conducted within 3 months, and the second quality return visit will be conducted within 12 months.
Warranty service
1. Non-human damage for five years (from the date of acceptance of the installation)
2, free of charge supplies and repair services
3. After receiving the user seat maintenance notice, the responder will respond within 2 hours after receiving the report, and the person will arrive at the scene within three days. The fault will be repaired within two days, and the product will not be repaired within three days until the original product is repaired.
4. Responsible for routine inspection, adjustment and maintenance of all seats
5. Provide technical training and technical guidance
Services provided during the lifetime warranty
1. After the expiration of the warranty period, we are responsible for the lifetime warranty. We will send the door to the door for repair within three days after receiving the repair notice, and replace the damaged parts and only charge the cost of the work.
2. Provide technical guidance
After-sales service phone: 008613122682015(WhatsApp)
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