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Do you know how to choose the wood for China Recliner cinema seat supplier?

Do you know how to choose the wood for China Recliner cinema seat supplier?

Do you know how to choose the wood for China Recliner cinema seat supplier?


When buying China Recliner cinema seat supplier, you may pay more attention to material issues. The face of the chair is one aspect, and the choice of wood for the chair structure is another aspect. Do you know how to choose wood? Let’s take a look at it briefly with the editor below!
1. Seat wood material: beech, oak, black walnut or golden teak can be selected by the purchaser.
2. The armrest, seat and back of the seat should be made of high-quality wood. Solid wood and solid wood laminates are processed on a high-frequency medium hot press to ensure product material stability. The wood is hard and the particles are small, which is beneficial to improve the surface fine production and processing, and meets the requirements of green development and environmental protection management.
3. All solid wood and solid wood laminates should be dried in accordance with the standard under 90% humidity, with an average moisture content controlled within 12%, and should be treated with anti-fungal and insect-proof treatment (termites, bacteria).
4. Wooden structural members can be connected by inlaid tongue-and-groove method, and the edges and corners are all cut down.
5. Glue: solid wood and woodworking should be bonded with vinyl glue, and solid wood laminates should be bonded with urea-formaldehyde glue and formaldehyde. Heat sealing strengthens the hardness, and the formaldehyde content meets the requirements of environmental protection.
6. The surface treatment of the surface material should be preliminarily polished and base color, and the coating paint on the fine polishing should not be less than three layers, and meet the current process requirements.
7. Color: After winning the bid for the color of the specific seat back panel, fabric, etc., organize the production according to the color card and sample determined by the design.
The above is the editor's introduction to China Recliner cinema seat supplier's knowledge of how to select wood. I hope you can learn more.


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