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Do you know the characteristics of china lecture hall chair?

Do you know the characteristics of china lecture hall chair?

Do you know the characteristics of china lecture hall chair?


As the name suggests, the china lecture hall chair is the seat used in the lecture hall. The composition structure of the china lecture hall chair is generally steel wood structure or steel plastic structure, which is composed of four parts: chair back, armrest, chair seat and standing foot. Nowadays, most china lecture hall chair manufacturers will make the standing feet and armrests into a connected whole. This integrated structure makes the whole seat more firm. After learning about the china lecture hall chair, let's introduce some features of the china lecture hall chair today, so that you can have a deeper impression of the china lecture hall chair.

1. The outer back plate and seat plate of the china lecture hall chair are made of high-quality multi-layer rotary cut birch bark and hot pressed with formaldehyde free environmental protection glue. The surface is polished and sprayed for 5 times, which has the advantages of strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, smooth and bright appearance, dirt resistance and easy cleaning.
2. The china lecture hall chair are filled with sound-absorbing cotton, and the bottom of the cushion will also be designed with sound-absorbing holes. This is because the lecture hall is a serious and quiet place. This design can effectively absorb noise and ensure a quieter environment.
3. The streamlined design of chair backrest in the lecture hall is in line with ergonomics. The materials of cushion and backrest are cloth, steel layout skeleton and high rebound Pu sponge, which are foamed into one to ensure that the cloth, steel frame and Pu sponge are closely connected. Even if it is used with high frequency, it can ensure that the seat will not deform and wrinkle.


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