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Do you know what is the moisture-proof method of China Recliner cinema seat supplier?

Do you know what is the moisture-proof method of China Recliner cinema seat supplier?

Do you know what is the moisture-proof method of China Recliner cinema seat supplier?


Many people know that the dark and humid environment will affect the service life of China Recliner cinema seat supplier. Therefore, if you are in a dark and humid place for a long time, you need to pay attention to moisture. The following editor will introduce the moisture-proof method of China Recliner cinema seat supplier.
1. Solid wood seats: use moisture-absorbing paper to paste the surface to prevent moisture
Moisture regain symptoms: The wooden seat has regained moisture, and many water droplets will appear on the surface, which will appear again after drying. The self-made wooden seats will also fall off and whiten, and the wooden doors will burst and deform.
Coping tips: The solid wood China Recliner cinema seat supplier should use a special cleaning agent for maintenance, apply the cleaning agent evenly on the seat surface, and then gently wipe or use absorbent paper to stick to the seat surface to prevent moisture. Use solid wood seats to pay attention to waterproofing, add waterproof pads that can easily absorb water under the feet of the seat, and maintain good ventilation distances near the outer wall and the bathroom wall.
2. Movie theater cloth chairs: sofa towels with strong water absorption are effective
Moisture regain symptoms: The cloth seat is relatively humid in spring, easy to accumulate dust, and easy to stick together.
Handling tips: Use a special vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the surface of the movie theater cloth chair, use a sofa towel with good water absorption performance and clean it frequently.
3. Rattan seats: well ventilated to prevent deformation
Moisture regain symptoms: If the rattan seat absorbs too much water, it will become soft, the structure will become loose and the plane will sag.
Coupling tips: Rattan seats are prone to mold and mold between the rattan gaps. They should be cleaned frequently and well ventilated, but do not expose them to the scorching sun after cleaning to prevent them from deforming or breaking.
3. Leather seat: Desiccant has good dehumidification effect
Moisture regain symptoms: The leather of the leather seat will become hardened in the cold after it has regained moisture, and mildew will appear on some poorly ventilated surfaces, which is likely to cause deformation or discoloration of the leather surface.
Coping skills: After each dust removal, apply maintenance mink oil, lanolin oil, leather oil, etc. on the surface of the seat. You can use a soft dry cloth to wipe the surface moisture, and you can use a mildewcide to remove mold, and then apply. Leather care oil. For leather sofas, please consider putting in some desiccant to make it dry.
The above is an introduction to the moisture-proof method of China Recliner cinema seat supplier, I hope it can help you.


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