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Installation process and precautions of conference hall chair

Installation process and precautions of conference hall chair

Installation process and precautions of conference hall chair


1. Confirm the length and width of the conferrence. In order to arrange the Conference hall chair arrangement, this is the most important basic data. Confirm the number of passageways in the venue (vertical and horizontal), and reserve the width of passageways (the passageways in small conference halls are generally about 120cm, generally not less than 100cm, and the passageways in great conference halls are about 180cm, generally not less than 150cm)

1) Calculate the number of conference hall chair in each row : subtract the width of the reserved channel from the total width of the site, divide the data by the width of the chair, and take an integer, that is, the number of chairs in each row.
2) Calculate the number of rows: the standard width of each row of Conference hall chair is 100 cm, but the minimum is not less than 90 cm, otherwise the writing board in the back row cannot be put down.

2. Determine the model of conference hall chair and the model of fabric

According to their own budget, choose suitable and affordable chair models and fabrics to ensure that the construction cost is reduced without changing the grade of the conference hall.

3. Install according to the previous arrangement

Set up the front and back, arrange the chairs and tables on the rostrum, and choose the appropriate color for the next decoration. The conference hall chair shall be installed to ensure the construction quality.



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