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What's the way to tell whether customized lecture hall chair is good or bad?

What's the way to tell whether customized lecture hall chair is good or bad?

What's the way to tell whether customized lecture hall chair is good or bad?


The customized lecture hall chair are usually made of leather or fabric. The production process of this kind of fabric usually needs to compete for multiple processes for processing, and the cost is relatively high. For customer relations, the influencing factors of market price are not considered, and the quality of the customized lecture hall chair should be well controlled. For different customized lecture hall chair manufacturers, in order to earn more profits, illegal manufacturers will use some inferior leather and fabrics to shoddy. Therefore, the quality discrimination of customized lecture hall chair is very important for customers. Here are some ways to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of customized lecture hall chair.

1. Certificate Law: customized lecture hall chair factory in has a clear source, including production location, leather factory standard, leather test form, leather use authorization and other basic information.

2. Volume labeling method: high quality lecture hall chairs are made of leather, and the customized lecture hall chair manufacturing date, name and area of the customized lecture hall chair factory will be marked on the back. (the manufacturing date should not be too long, and the leather with more than 3 years should pay attention to whether there is mildew).

3. Viewing method: under a 30x magnifying glass, such as the appearance of customized lecture hall chair, you can see pits, which has good air permeability. Cross cut the leather with a blade. It can be seen that the color of the leather must be the same from the outer layer to the inner layer. Pay attention to whether there are different colors under the outer layer to avoid buying second-hand leather dyed or modified.

4. Olfactory method: quality lecture hall chairleather should not have obvious pungent smell after treatment, so too much solvent smell and coating smell are bad.

5. Heat resistant method: it is recommended to ask the customized lecture hall chair manufacturer for a small piece of leather material and scald the sample with a cigarette end for 2-3 seconds, so as to avoid buying PU products and burning with a lighter. Due to the large contact area, the time needs to be prolonged.


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