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What details should be paid attention to in the installation of customized Auditorium seat products?

What details should be paid attention to in the installation of customized Auditorium seat products?

What details should be paid attention to in the installation of customized Auditorium seat products?


The use and installation of customized Auditorium seat products is a very important link. This step must be careful, so as to better complete the installation work and make it easier for everyone to use auditorium seat products in the later stage. People's requirements for Auditorium seating products are nothing more than two points: beauty, fashion and comfort. As long as they can meet these two requirements, it can be said that the design of auditorium seat products is very successful.

The installation of customized auditorium seating is the top priority and must be understood in the layout of Auditorium seating. Therefore, we must pay attention to these problems and understand the four steps for the installation of Auditorium seating we share. Before choosing customized Auditorium seating products, everyone will first consider the overall design style of the auditorium, especially whether it is suitable for installation.

Before installation, you must understand the conditions on the installation site of customized Auditorium seat products, and pay attention to the following four aspects, as follows:

1. Understand the step arrangement and height difference of customized auditorium seating, the inclination angle of the ground and the floor conditions, and install them.

2. Before installing the Auditorium seat products, you can see the layout and specific dimensions of the total area, columns, doors, stages, walkways and steps of the theater by looking at the plan, so as to provide basic information for the plane layout of auditorium seating;

3. Different customers may determine different seating modes according to the actual situation of customized Auditorium seating. For example, channel mode, arc ranking or zoning, how to partition, etc.

4. According to the situation of the auditorium floor, determine the fixed installation mode and fastening anchor bolt form of customized Auditorium seat products, and select different anchor bolts to fix the feet.

The metal surfaces of auditorium seating products are electrostatic plastic sprayed after sand blasting and rust removal, with strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, bright and beautiful appearance. There are many kinds of fabrics for customized auditorium seat products for users to choose, and flame retardant treatment.


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