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What should I do if the screws of China Recliner cinema seat manufacturers are twisted?

What should I do if the screws of China Recliner cinema seat manufacturers are twisted?

What should I do if the screws of China Recliner cinema seat manufacturers are twisted?


After everyone buys China Recliner cinema seat manufacturers, the first job is to install them. Screws will definitely be used in the installation process, but after the screws are threaded, they may be twisted. How to deal with this problem? Let’s follow the editor to understand it briefly!
1. Put something on the screwdriver head, such as double-sided tape, non-woven fabric, etc. If there are no conditions, the paper can also increase the friction.
2. Inject 502 glue into the screw hole, then screw the screw in, and then use needle-nose pliers to unscrew the screw after the glue has solidified (so the screwdriver is not used for fear of causing the screw to slip again), and wait for the glue to harden completely.
3. If the screw cap is exposed, you can use needle-nose pliers to tighten the screw cap and then unscrew the screw. You can also cut off the screw cap and disassemble the shell before processing.
4. The screws for maintenance of general mobile phones and home appliances are metal, and the casing is plastic. When you can’t unscrew it, you can use a pointed soldering iron to insert into the screw cap, heat the metal screw to melt the plastic around the screw, and clamp it with sharp-nose pliers. , Pull it out gently.
5. Sharpen the blade of the flat-blade screwdriver and start to screw it.
10. Hang the molten solder on the torch head, align the screwdriver with the screw, put the solder on the spot, cool it down, and unscrew it.
11. Use a drill to knock off the gong cap. Use the principle of reverse wire to drill out the remaining screws (you can use a special drill for broken screws-broken screw extractor).
12. Use a knife to repeatedly engrave on the screw until the Phillips screw is engraved into a flat-blade screw, and then you can remove it. It takes about 10 minutes.
The above is the editor's description: about China Recliner cinema seat manufacturers' knowledge about how to deal with after screwing, I hope I can help you.


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