Auditorium Seat: M6

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Project Information

The outer sealing plate of the seat back and cushion, the armrest of the side panel, and the front cover are made of high-grade solid wood. The outer cover paint is made according to the craftsmanship requirements of high-end furniture, with luxurious appearance and gorgeous shape. The chair back and cushion are made of high resilience cold-haired polyurethane foam. The surface curve is designed according to the principle of ergonomics. Ensure the user's seat comfort. The auditorium Seats cushion flip reset adopts torsion spring structure, which is accurate and low noise. Built-in writing board, the chassis can also be equipped with a porous cylinder, which can be used as an air outlet under the air conditioner. The iron parts are all sprayed with static electricity to prevent corrosion. Excellent impact resistance.

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