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Cinema chair

Bottom height:440±20
Seat Height:1050
Distance Between Row(Min.):1000
Back fixed
Cushion fixed
Armrest fixed
Chair surface is optional

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    • Commodity name: Cinema chair
    • Commodity ID: 1101801015087878144

    Width(Centre-Centre):560-600<br> Bottom height:440±20<br> Depth:820<br> Seat Height:1050<br> Distance Between Row(Min.):1000<br> Back fixed<br> Cushion fixed<br> Armrest fixed<br> Chair surface is optional<br>

    The seat has simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, strong versatility and extensibility. The seat body is well wrapped and conforms to ergonomic principles. In addition, it uses high-grade flame-retardant flexible fabrics to provide a comfortable sitting feeling. The shape of the backrest is shaped by pulling and pulling the fabric. The appearance is full, casual, delicate and elegant. The seat with large armrests are more luxurious and magnificent, and are the best choice for theaters, auditoriums, and theaters.
    People come and go in the cinema, and wear is unavoidable. How can we make the Cinema chair more wear-resistant? Let’s take a look at it with the editor below!
    Cinema chair has two wear methods: chisel wear and high stress wear. Chisel wear requires a higher impact load on Cinema chair. It is often used in ball mill linings, iron forgings and vertical kiln lining bricks. The impact force generated is not large, so the main form of wear is chiseling.
    Therefore, when selecting materials, the hardness and wear resistance are mainly considered, and the wear resistance is mainly improved. For high-stress abrasion, the surface hardness of Cinema chair has higher requirements to reduce the phenomenon of surface shedding and embrittlement, to resist the pressure caused by abrasives, and enhance the service life and use effect. We only understand the wear method of Cinema chair. In actual use, we can avoid it through some methods to ensure the good use of the product and prolong the service life of the product.

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  • Chair Specifications



    Seat Bottom Height




    Seat Height


    Distance between Row(Min.)


    Back Angle


  • Crafts & technique features


    Foam:Metal spring frame + polyurethane foaming + fabric and cold curing at one time, with good elasticity.

    Frame:Metal spring frame. 

    Shell:Plastic shell, new PP.


    Bottom:Metal spring frame + polyurethane foaming and cold curing at one time.

    Fabric Cover:The zippered cushion cover is easy to replace, and the high-grade brushed fleece is soft and comfortable.

    Bottom Installation:The axle pin is retractable, which is convenient for install and uninstall the cushion.


    Leg Frame:It is made of Q235 high-quality steel pipe and steel plate stamped and welded, and the surface is treated with anti-rust spray.

    Side Panel:It is wrapped with a wooden frame covered with fabric.


    Armrest:PP injection-molded armrests can be tip up. The surface is decorated with PU foamed self-skin or fabric cover, which feels comfortable.


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