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Conference hall seat

Bottom height:440±20
Seat Height:1010
Distance Between Row(Min.):1000
Backrest: fixed
Bottom: tip up
Armrest: fixed with writing pad
Chair surface: optional

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    • Commodity name: Conference hall seat
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    Width(Centre-Centre):560-600<br> Bottom height:440±20<br> Depth:820<br> Seat Height:1010<br> Distance Between Row(Min.):1000<br> Backrest: fixed<br> Bottom: tip up<br> Armrest: fixed with writing pad<br> Chair surface: optional<br>

    The outer sealing plate of the seat back and cushion, the armrest of the side panel, and the front cover are made of high-grade solid wood. The outer cover paint is made according to the craftsmanship requirements of high-end furniture, with luxurious appearance and gorgeous shape. The chair back and cushion are made of high resilience cold-haired polyurethane foam. The surface curve is designed according to the principle of ergonomics. Ensure the user's seat comfort. The seat cushion flip reset adopts torsion spring structure, which is accurate and low noise. Built-in writing board, the chassis can also be equipped with a porous cylinder, which can be used as an air outlet under the air conditioner. The iron parts are all sprayed with static electricity to prevent corrosion. Excellent impact resistance.

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    Seat Bottom Height




    Seat Height


    Distance between Row(Min.)


    Back Angle


  • Crafts & technique features


    Foam:Elastomer-high resilience flame retardant polyurethane sponge.

    Frame:Solid wood and high-quality multilayer plywood assembly. 

    Shell:high-grade solid wood material and high-grade plywood production, high-grade paint for the outer cover.


    Foam:Elastomer-high resilience flame retardant polyurethane sponge. 

    Frame:Solid wood and high-quality multilayer plywood assembly. 

    Shell:Made of high-grade multi-layer plywood, covered with high-grade paint.


    Leg Frame:It is made of Q235 high-quality steel pipe and steel plate stamped and welded, and the surface is treated with anti-rust spray.

    Side Panel:It is wrapped with a wooden or plastic frame covered with fabric.

    Writing pad

    The frame is aluminum alloy die-casting, and the writing board is molded from ABS engineering plastics


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