What are the sales and customer groups? 2021-09-26 09:56:03.756

+Our company has a professional sales team that can provide high-quality services before, during, and after sales. Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit. We have 20 sales outlets in major cities across the country.
+Main customer groups: China Resources MIXC, Wanda Cinema Line, Shanghai Lianhe Cinema Line, China Film Star Beauty, Zhejiang Times Cinema Line, Jiangsu Happy Blue Ocean Cinema Line, Lumiere, Orange Sky Jiahe, CGV, Xingyi, Taihe, Red Star, etc. Other domestic cinema lines and film investment companies also have partial cooperation. The annual sales revenue is about 130 million yuan.
+Our market share is around 30%.

What is the production and installation capacity? 2021-09-26 09:55:48.484

+The company currently has around 200 employees, around 170 permanent employees, and around 30 temporary workers.
+There are nearly a hundred sets of equipment, including punching machines, injection molding machines, high-pressure foaming machines, automatic welding hands, and sewing automatic cutting machines.
+The product quality and environmental protection system have obtained ISO9001 domestic and international double certification, and ISO14001 environmental management system international certification.
+The annual production capacity reaches around 250000 sets.
+Transportation: A professional logistics company with long-term cooperation, responsible for timely and accurate delivery of finished products to various cinema sites, and providing full insurance coverage.
+Installation capability: Can install seats from 10 to 12 cinemas simultaneously.

Services provided during the lifetime warranty period? 2021-09-26 09:55:32.609

+1) The company has a dedicated after-sales service team.
+2) Non human caused damage is guaranteed free of charge for one year, with a warranty period of five years (starting from the date of installation completion and acceptance). During the warranty period, the supplier responds within 2 hours upon receiving a repair request from the purchaser, and the accessories arrive at the site within 48 hours. If the purchaser cannot solve the problem, the supplier will send personnel to repair the equipment at their doorstep, and only the cost will be charged.
+3) Develop a regular follow-up plan and strictly implement it. Customers will follow up after three months of use, 2-3 times a year, and provide problem-solving solutions or reasonable usage and maintenance suggestions after the follow-up.