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A chair is a kind of furniture for daily life, a seat with a backrest and armrests. So do you know what its maintenance knowledge is? Follow the Movable theater seating editor to learn more about it!
1. For the newly purchased leather chair, first soak the towel with clean water, wring it out and wipe off the dust and dirt on the surface of the chair, and then use the care agent to gently wipe the leather surface one or two times (do not use waxy care products), In this way, a protective film is formed on the surface of the dermis, so that the dirt will not easily penetrate into the pores of the dermis in the future, which is convenient for cleaning in the future.
2. Avoid sharp objects from scratching the leather.
3. Avoid oil stains, ballpoint pens, inks, etc. stain leather chairs. If you find stains on the leather of the chair, you should immediately clean it with a leather cleaner. If there is no leather cleaner, use a clean white towel with a little alcohol to gently wipe the stain, then use a dry wet towel to dry it, and then use a protective agent Care.
4. The daily care of the leather chair can be wiped with a wrung wet towel. About 2-3 months, use a leather cleaner to clean the sofa, or use a household vacuum cleaner to absorb dust on the leather surface.
5. In order to prolong the service life, children should avoid jumping and playing on the sofa, and the body with sweat should not directly touch the leather of the chair.
The above is the Movable theater seating editor introducing some knowledge of chair maintenance.

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