Seat: 4D

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Project Information

4D dynamic seats are special effects seats and special effects equipment that can realize three degrees of freedom movement, and are an indispensable factor in 4D dynamic cinema. It is through the combined action of special effects seats and special effects equipment that can achieve stereo vision based "Immersive". The appearance of the seat looks the same as a general theater seat, but there are hidden secrets. It can be controlled by a computer to cooperate with the theater audio to create special sound effects, and to synchronize with the motion in the movie. Backward spray, leg sweep and other functions.

① Neck air blowing port: the realistic wind blown from the two nozzles at the top of the seat on the back neck of the audience.
② Leg tremor setting: Install an adjustable tube on the seat part of each seat to simulate the dynamic effect on the audience's legs.
③ Seat sink device: During the observation, the seat can automatically sink in weightlessness according to the scene, and the sink height is 25mm.
④ Water jet nozzle: The water jet installed on the back of the seat sprays water mist to the rear. The water jet of the first row of seats is installed on the special railing in front of the seat.
⑤ Seat tilt forward and backward device: each seat can be tilted forward or backward by 8 degrees.
⑥ Stereo special effect sound: The speakers embedded on both sides of the top of the seat back can produce a real surround sound effect.
⑦ Special effect vibration device: The vibration pump located in the middle and lower part of the seat back can produce a layered vibration effect and reflect the explosive sound from the subtle.

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