hall seating

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Project Information

Hall seating is a seat with a backrest and some armrests. The mobile seat has simple structure and low price. It is made of aluminum alloy material. It has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength, rigidity, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, strong fire resistance, long service life, and no fear of moisture; the surface is smooth and easy Cleaning; unique invisible flow hole design, fine craftsmanship; pollution-free production process. It meets the requirements of green and environmental protection; modular design makes installation and maintenance simple; there are two choices of low back and flat seats for the stand seats to meet the needs of various occasions.
Hall seating tells its advantages:
Easy to move: All parts can be combined, stepped structure, and components are fixed by rubber sleeve pulleys.
Reduced floor space: When the stand is not in use, due to its light weight, it is easy to rotate the step members from the horizontal position to the vertical position.
Modularity: The seats of the stand system can be combined, disassembled and assembled at will to meet the needs of various venues. Other functional components can also be added.

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