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Maintenance of china lecture hall chair

Maintenance of china lecture hall chair

Maintenance of china lecture hall chair


A chair is a kind of furniture for daily life, a seat with a backrest and armrests. Modern chairs pursue beauty and fashion. Some chairs are no longer merely used as seats. The combination of technology makes human life more convenient. E.g. china lecture hall chair
1. For the newly purchased china lecture hall chair, first soak the towel with clean water, wring it out and wipe off the dust and dirt on the surface of the chair, and then use the care agent to gently wipe the leather surface one or two times (do not use waxy care products) ), so that a protective film is formed on the surface of the dermis, so that the dirt in the future will not easily penetrate into the pores of the dermis, which is convenient for future cleaning.
2. For the china lecture hall chair, avoid sharp objects from scratching the leather.
3. Avoid oil stains, ballpoint pens, ink, etc. stain the china lecture hall chair. If you find stains on the leather of the chair, you should clean it with detergent immediately.
4. The daily care of the china lecture hall chair can be wiped with a wrung wet towel. About 2-3 months, clean the sofa with a cleaning agent, or use a household vacuum cleaner to remove surface dust.

5. In order to prolong the service life, children should avoid jumping and playing on the sofa, and the sweaty body should not directly touch the china lecture hall chair.
6. The placement of the china lecture hall chair should be 5-10cm away from the wall and keep it well ventilated.
The chair is very old and simple, although it has been in ordinary use for many centuries. In the early dynasty, they used cloth or leather, wood carvings to cover the back and surface of the chair, but the coverage area is much smaller than that of the 21st century chair, and the surface of the chair is sometimes only 25 cm above the ground. In the ancient Egyptian era, chairs seem to have been greatly enriched. Old-fashioned ebony, ivory carving, gilded wood, etc. will all be used. They are covered with expensive materials, ornate patterns and hunted beasts or carved captive figures. Generally speaking, the higher the status of an individual, the taller and more gorgeous his chair, which is a symbol of honor.
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